Watarrka Foundation Advisory Group

The Purpose of the Advisory Group

The Watarrka Foundation Board acknowledges that it does not possess the gender and ethnic diversity, range of expertise and skills sets to best carry out its vision, mission and objectives. Specialist expertise and skills are required or would be helpful in a range of areas including education, health, aboriginal issues, specific women issues social media, IT, fund raising and project management.

The purpose of the Advisory Group is to therefore to:

  • • Provide for the Foundation an expanded leadership group more representative and better able to assist the community which the Foundation seeks to serve;
  • • tenable the Board to have access on an as and when needed basis to a wide range of expertise and skills sets not possessed by Directors; and
  • • enable persons who are committed to assisting the Foundation to make a valuable contribution by volunteering to serve as an Advisory Group Member without the legal responsibilities and administrative duties and obligation incumbent upon directors under the Corporation Law

Campbell Hudson – Advisory Group member
Campbell is a senior partner in the Sydney office of international law firm Dentons. Working with Reg Ramsden, Campbell was responsible for the establishment of the Watarrka Foundation and he served as a Director until early 2017. Campbell is also very active in applying his passion and expertise, providing pro bono work with a focus on aboriginal issues and the arts. Campbell was extensively involved in Dentons inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan, has worked closely with Career Trackers and is principal advisor to the National Arts School and Poetry in Action.

Aileen Keenan – Advisory Group member
Aileen is based in Mebourne and has an extensive background in communications, journalism and corporate proposals writing and management. With experience working for large publicly listed companies (Fairfax, News Limited and Leighton Holdings), consulting to government departments and the private sector organisations, Aileen’s expertise is instrumental in assisting the Watarrka Foundation with its funding submissions and communication initiatives.
Aileen is the Watarrka Primary School’s Principal (Christine Munro’s) sister.

Christine Munro – Advisory Group member
Christine Munro is the Watarrka Primary School Teaching Principal. Originally from New Zealand, Christine has worked in remote indigenous schools since 2011 and came to Watarrka in 2014. Passionate about indigenous education, Christine brings high-level education expertise in supporting aboriginal students to think independently and become self-dependent. While delivering strong learning outcomes Christine believes students’ success should also measured by their ability to thrive in both indigenous and non-indigenous society. Christine is drawn by the land and its people and loves her work.

Chris Hakanson – Advisory Group member
Chris is the Primary Health Care Manager at the Kings Canyon medical center and has extensive interaction with the local Watarrka community since moving his family to Kings Canyon over 2 years ago. He and his family’s willingness to immerse themselves in the day to day lives of the local aboriginal people, accepting them as they are and are not, demonstrates his leadership in breaking down the prejudices often found between ‘white’ and aboriginal people.
Chris’s commitment to transforming the health and well being of the local aboriginal people is inspirational. In addition, Chris has been huge contributor and participant in assisting the Foundation with its initiatives in the region. Chris was the primary driver in the establishment of the Fat Bike program at the Watarrka Primary School at Lilla. What better way to make school fun, thereby increasing student enrolments, and provide significant health benefits for students, than to have Fat Bikes? Working with the school principal Christine Munro and the Foundation, in early 2016 the Foundation delivered 20 bikes for the Watarrka Primary School and local community. The program has been an outstanding success, and continues to depend upon the selfless very extensive ongoing commitment of time and expertise by Chris.

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