Establishment of a Secondary School campus

The Watarrka Foundation in conjunction with a metropolitian school is seeking to facilitate the development a remote secondary school campus in the Watarrka region. for remote indigenous and non-indigenous students. The benefits of the campus will provide;

(a) the local aboriginal students access to ‘leading’ and ‘best practice’ teaching resources up to year 12 and will maximise their chances of attaining a successful secondary education and

(b) the non-indigenous students and teachers (from a partnering metropolitan private school) a deep immersive understanding of indigenous experience that promotes transformational social and cultural integration with Australia’s indigenous people.

It is anticipated that the proposed ‘on country’ secondary school, will ultimately be attended by up to 60 indigenous students who will likely come from the three local remote primary schools – Watarrka, Areyonga and Imanpa.

The Foundation is working to facilitate the establishment of this ‘on country’ secondary school by working with relevant stakeholders to achieve the following:

  • Securing a site for the Secondary School;
  • Engaging and obtaining committed support from one or more metropolitan secondary schools;
  • Obtaining committed support of the Northern Territory Department of Education;
  • Development of an integrated business plan for the secondary school including a financial model and operational component;
  • Legal agreements between relevant parties to ensure clarity of responsibility and delivery of project objectives;
  • Implementation of business plan so that the school becomes operational on a sustainable and enduring basis.

This is a medium term project for the Foundation.

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