The Watarrka Foundation has ongoing projects that support remote indigenous communities in the Kings Canyon region. Coordinating and implementing projects in the remote Watarrka region can be challenging and is undertaken when funding and resources are available. We work with a wide range of individuals, groups and organisations that are aligned with the Foundation's objectives. We acknowledge and thank the secondary schools and their pupils who have assisted with our many community projects.

Strategic Projects

  • Construction of Staff Accommodation
  • Fatbikes: providing for the Utjul Areyonga School and maintenance of current bikes
  • Pave the basketball court at the Watarrka School
  • Sydney Clothing Appeal
  • Veggie patch maintenance
  • Establish vegetable patch at the Utjul Areyonga School
  • The establishment of a Secondary School in the Kings Canyon area. The 'on country' secondary school will provide the children currently attending the Watarrka, Utju Aeryonga and Imanpa Primary Schools the chance to obtain a secondary school education while remaining with their families and staying on their land.
  • The provision of a new classroom at the existing Watarrka Primary School location to accommodate years 7, 8 and 9 children. There is an urgent requirement for a separate and additional classroom for older students so that they can continue to learn.
  • The establishment of a 100 citrus tree orchard along the eastern boundary of the Watarrka Primary School.   The orchard will provide a supply of fresh produce for the school children and act as a windbreak for the schools playground.
If you would like to participate or donate to one of our onging projects, please contact us here.

Market Gardens

Prior Accomplishments

Below are some of our accomplishments, many completed with the assistance of volunteers from visiting schools groups and visitors from all parts of Australia:

  • Established vegetable gardens and irrigation systems at Lilla and Wanmarra communities.
  • Renovated and re-opened the Watarrka Primary School at Lilla.
  • Provided a Food Van for the Watarrka Primary school.
  • Constructed outdoor lunch tables for the Watarrka Primary School.
  • Provided outdoor gym equipment for the Watarrka Primary School.
  • Provided shade structures for the Watarrka Primary School.
  • Provided 25 FAT mountain bikes to the Watarrka Primary School.
  • Provided HOT WATER for the Watarrka Primary School.
  • Provided a basketball hoop and paving at the Watarrka Primary School.
  • Build pathways and access around the Lilla community.
  • Provided and continue to provide basic household goods for the Ulpinyali, Lilla and Wanmarra communities.
  • Provided and continue to provide repairs and maintenance of many basic services to the local communities.
  • Established the Annual Winter Clothing Appeal.
  • Established the Annual Lilla Sports & Story Telling Festival (2014, 2015, 2016).

Our Partners

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